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Dugong Watching

Try diving with the Dugong, who graze in several areas close to Cashew Grove

World class diving opportunities are available at Cashew Grove as well as an opportunity to dive with the endangered dugong

Our partnership with the Scuba Mew Coron Dive Center offers a range of fantastic diving opportunities in what Jacques Cousteau called “the last frontier for diving and natural beauty”

Scuba Mew Coron Dive Center

Dive Training

Scuba Mew Coron Dive Center offers training at all levels of PADI, TDI/SDI and ANDI courses by qualified professionals.

The pool at Cashew Grove is used for the initial training before students venture into the sea

Apo Reef

The Apo reef provides a world-class diving destination and is just three hours sail from Cashew Grove

Wreck Diving

The Kyokuzan Maru, a Japanese freighter measuring about 152m long and lying almost upright at a depth of 35m is closely accessible to Cashew Grove.

Further afield

If local diving attractions aren’t enough, we can also arrange diving opportunities at Barracuda Lake and Siete Picados on Coron Island, giving you the chance to explore the marine life and shipwrecks in Coron Bay.